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Corporate Wellness Support

Dr. Hoyal has specialized higher training and exemplary evaluations in the field, he actively educates his community by working with companies to create a healthy workforce. He can educate and make recommendations on the important topics of stress management, nutrition, and initiating healthy routines as an introduction to the more basic foundations of overall health.

With Dr. Hoyal as your Wellness Expert, together we are fighting to change a sick-care-model approach to health that is often costly to running a business. The American Institute of Stress reports that stress is responsible for 19% of employee absenteeism and 40% of employee turnover. His goal is to switch the mindset of employees from reactive to preventative. Not only can he create that shift for you, but he will also provide the tools for you and your employees to become successful.

“Diabetes alone represents 11% of the United States health care expenditures. People with diabetes have medical expenditures 2.4 times higher than they would if they did not have diabetes.”
-Center for Disease Control

“Workplace stress costs the nation more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work, and stress reduction efforts.”
– American Institute of Stress

“Stress is responsible for 19% of employee absenteeism and 40% of employee turnover”
–American Institute of Stress and Chrysalis Performance Strategies

“Stress is responsible for creating 60% of the cost of workplace accidents.”
–American Institute of Stress and Chrysalis Performance Strategies

“Businesses that have instituted activity-based workplace wellness programs have enjoyed a $3-$5 return on every dollar invested in the form of decreased health care costs, decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, decreased employee turnover, and reduced insurance costs.”
–U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Reports

If you have any questions or would like to schedule, please contact
Amber Hoyal, Wellness Coordinator

816-321-1620 or [email protected]

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